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School dinners are free to all full time pupils in nursery, Year 1 and Year 2; they are also free to all older pupils entitled to free school meals.

Paid for dinners cost £2.29 per day.

All dinners must be ordered and paid for weekly on Mondays.

Our menu will be available online in September 2017.


If your child is poorly enough to warrant time off school, it is essential that you notify us by 9:15 each day your child is away from school.

Our attendance policy can be found in our policies section.




Find out if you can apply for free school meals using this link: entitledto.co.uk


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Variety, Curiosity and… Nothing?!

September 23rd, 2017 by

In 2015, Ofsted reported that our school encouraged children to be curious and to enjoy learning. This is perhaps one of the most important statement of the inspection. Curiousity really does inspire a desire to learn, discover, and find things out.

I enjoy walking into every classroom each day to find out what the children are learning – and how they are learning it. Sometimes they are ‘hands on’ – surrounded by equipment, technology or books. There is always a very purposeful ‘buzz’ in the air when children are working together and engaged in discussions about their learning.

At other times they are putting into practice the knowledge and skills they have acquired – and very often the classrooms are almost silent at such times.

Crucially, once in school, the significant majority of our pupils are hungry to learn and work very hard indeed. They are pushed hard. We don’t let them do any less than their very best. Our pupils are busy people and most of them get a tremendous amount done each day.

But, at hometime, when you ask them what they did at school, the majority will give you a one word answer… “nothing!”

Rest assured, no one gets to do nothing at Haggonfields.

Mr Huxley

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